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Meet Ted...

| Monday, September 30, 2013
Birds & Beasleys is now featuring the work of Bozeman artist Ted Rechlin. We currently have five original pencil sketches available for purchase. See more of Ted's work at www.tedrechlin.com
My name is Ted Rechlin. I like to draw pictures and make up stories. I started doing it when I was three years old and I haven’t stopped. 
While (hopefully) the drawings have gotten a little better, the stories haven’t really changed much. They’re all about superheroes and bears and wolves, and sharks and monsters and stuff. Oh, and also dinosaurs. Lots and lots of dinosaurs. Because come on, dinosaurs are the best. 
As an illustrator, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some really awesome projects for a variety of really amazing companies and publishers. I’ve drawn superheroes and monsters and dinosaurs for companies ranging from DC Comics to Dover Publications. 
I do work for museums and zoos, drawing animals and doing paleo-art (that’s drawing dinos, and other prehistoric beasties, in technical speak). I actually get paid to draw dinosaurs! How awesome is that? 
As an Author/Illustrator I’ve got three books under my belt. Changing of the Guard: The Yellowstone Chronicles, a children’s book about Yellowstone National Park today, and sixty five million years ago. Silvertip: A Year in the Life of a Yellowstone Grizzly, an educational graphic novel about a grizzly bear. And, Epsilon: A Yellowstone Wolf Story, another educational graphic novel about wolves. 
As you might have guessed, I really like Yellowstone. And when I’m not working, I’m usually there, hiking in the backcountry. 
Right now I’m hard at work on an epic dinosaur adventure graphic novel that you should be seeing in the not too distant future.

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