2020 Fall Festival Downtown Helena

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2020 Fall Festival in Helena, Montana

Welcome to the 2020 Fall Festival! Instead of keeping all the fun to one night, we’re spreading it out over a whole week from Tuesday, October 20th to Friday, October 23rd, culminating in the Kids’ Fall Fest pumpkin patch on Saturday, October 24th. Participating businesses will be open later during these days, as late as even 9pm, to ensure the safety of both businesses and customers alike. We’re sure you have a few questions, though, so we figured we’d answer them below.

How late will businesses be open during these days?

Participating businesses are asked to be open until 8pm on the days that they will participate.

Will businesses be required to provide artists?

No, but they’re more than welcome to. The focus of Fall Festival will be to get more customers downtown during these evenings to support local businesses. Have displayed art or an artist is simply a bonus for these businesses.

Does my business have to participate every night?

No, and that’s the best part of this! You can take part in whichever nights you think would be best for you.

What are the regulations around COVID-19? And who will be enforcing them?

Retail businesses are required to have no more than 50 people in their store at any one moment. It will be up to the staff and business owners to enforce these regulations and ensure that no more than 50 people are in your store. This can also help you decide which nights during Fall Festival you’d want to stay open when considering employee time.

How will this be marketed?

Downtown Helena will be running radio ads and pushing this event through social media. We also ask that participating businesses help in marketing their participation.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Mike Rooney, Downtown Helena, Inc.’s Operations Director, at mrooney@helenabid.com or 406-447-1535.


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