Birds and Burns – Who Benefits?

Birds and Burns - a landscape portrait of a forest on fireBirds and burns – who benefits? We all hope the birds are beating the heat and finding plenty of habitat in which to live and forage. Especially with a record number of fires burning in the West this summer. There are numerous species that make the most of the aftermath of a forest fire. For example, such species include robins, nuthatches, woodpeckers and some flycatchers.

Researchers are looking closely at bird populations in prescribed fire zones. Consequently, they examine the varied responses of birds to burns across western states. In other words, they hope to understand migratory and resident birds’ responses to fire. Wildlife managers will be better equipped to plan sound prescribed fire projects that will not only reduce forest fuels but also enhance bird habitats.

“Although prescribed fire is increasingly being used in ponderosa pine forests as a management tool to reduce the risk of future high-severity wildfire, its effects on wildlife habitat have rarely been examined,” says the Pacific Northwest Research Station summary.

Read more in depth findings from Pacific Northwest Research Station.

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