Let’s Ask Sandy: Episode 11 – All Aboard the Last Chance Tour Train

Hop on the Last Chance Tour Train (Helena, MT), this summer! Take in the sights and learn about Helena’s rich history. This affordable attraction is a great way to entertain visitors. Treat them to a free gift thanks to Birds & Beasleys and other downtown businesses like the Holter Museum of Art. (Watch closely for a cameo by Sandy Shull’s mom and store founder, Jane Beasley!)

The Last Chance Tour Trains runs on a modified schedule through September 15, 2020.

Hi! I’m Sandy with Birds and Beasleys and today I have my mom, Jane Beasley, with me. So, today’s Let’s Ask Sandy is, “What do I do when I have company in town? I want to do something fun!” You ride the Tour Train!

The Tour Train started June 1st, and it is a fun time! Adults are $10, Seniors are $9, Kids are $8, and under 4 is free. Ride the train, see what’s going on in town, find some good folklore. And here’s the fun part. If you ride the train and bring in your tour train ticket, you get a free gift, which happens to be one of mom’s little bird pictures, our honey, our bird book, or some playing cards, along with five other merchants, Imagine Design, Bert and Ernies, GMac’s Pottery, the Carousel, and they’re all willing to give you a free gift if you ride the Tour Train.

So, get on the train! Bring your friends, bring your family! It runs all summer long, check out their website for the times, or we can sell you a ticket here at Birds & Beasleys. Thanks for stopping by and ride the Tour Train.


Monday – Saturday, Closed Sunday
One Hour Tour
June 1 – June 14: 11am, 3pm
June 15 – June 30: 11am, 1pm, 3pm
Months of July & August: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5:30pm
September 1 – September 15: 11am, 3pm


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