Let’s Ask Sandy: Episode 16 – Fill those Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are beginning their migration south. Birds & Beasleys owner, Sandy Shull, explains how you can help them have a successful journey in this episode of, Let’s Ask Sandy!

Hi! I’m Sandy with Birds & Beasleys! Today’s “Let’s Ask Sandy” question is: Where are the hummingbirds and should I take down my feeder? The answer is no, please don’t take down your feeder. The birds are migrating back right now. So what you’re going to see is the adult males are starting to migrate south, they’ll be doing that the next couple of weeks. Then following will be the juveniles and the females. So, it’s really important you put a feeder out and fill it up. Remember the ratio is four to one, four cups of water to one cup of sugar. Put it out because you are going to be the gas station for those birds if they pass through. Keep your feeder up through mid-September until you see your last bird, a couple of weeks after you see your last bird. If you have any questions, give us a call. Remember, it’s been an odd hummingbird year. Maybe we will get some more in August than we did in July. Thanks for asking Sandy!


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November 2022
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