Let’s Ask Sandy: Episode 4 – Suet or Seed

Sandy Shull is back! In Episode 4  – Suet or Seed of the Let’s Ask Sandy series, she talks about suet. Are you feeding suet? Questions about your backyard birds or their care? Post them below and we’ll *Ask Sandy* for you!

Hi! I am Sandy with Birds and Beasleys. Today I want to talk to you about suet. Suet is a lard product that is used as a supplemental bird feeding, so you can feed seed or you can feed suet.

Suet tends to come in different directions of feeders, we have, this is pretty much a typical one, it has large holes, where a bird can cling on like a chickadee non-hatch or a woodpecker. We also have upside down suet feeders, this is designed for keeping some of the Clark’s nutcrackers up. So, a chickadee and a woodpecker can hang down below but a nutcracker and magpie have to be on top and reach down. So, suet is used a lot, especially in the winter. Also, when young birds are nesting and they have young babies, people will use it, it is a high fat, and the baby birds see it as an equivalent to a bug.

What we have is our favorite suet, suet made by one of my employees Susan, the birds love it. We can feedback all the time about how they love Susan’s suet, whereas it is hard to keep in. So we have in stock, a large variety that goes in a larger cage and a smaller one. Especially in this cold time of year, if you haven’t done suet, think about it. I also need to add, if you live in town and you don’t like the Magpies, don’t do suet. It does attract Magpies and Clark’s nutcrackers. But certainly, if you are at the edge of town and in the woods, think about Susan’s suet at Birds & Beasleys.

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